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Helpful Tips for Taking Pictures at the Beach

Being a South Florida-based portrait photographer has a major perk: awesome locations, including a variety of beaches! Many of my clients request to have their sessions at the beach, from local, homegrown Floridians to out-of-town vacationers. Beach shoots can produce beautiful images and experiences, but they also come with certain challenges. I want to share some tips to help people prepare for having a photoshoot at the beach.

Tip 1: Schedule your session at sunrise or sunset

Trust your photographer when she tells you about the best times to have a photoshoot on the beach. There are two times during the day when the sunlight is the softest and best for shooting, and that is Golden Hour. In photography, Golden Hour is that period of daytime just after sunrise and before sunset where the sun is low in the sky and that diffusion can do some beautiful things for any locations - especially the beach. Golden Hour doesn't last very long, especially at sunrise so if you're photographer tells you the session time is 6:00am, don't be late!

Tip 2: Ditch the shoes, go barefoot

This may seem obvious to some, but I've had plenty of clients show up for their beach session with fancy looking shoes and sometimes heels! Ditch the shoes and go barefoot. Not only does it match the aesthetic for a beach shoot, but you will be more comfortable and open to moving around for different spots in the sand and various poses.

Tip 3: Wear comfy clothes you don't mind getting wet or sandy

In line with tip number two, wear comfy clothes. The beach can be a challenge with weather, the sun, crowds, and more. Don't make it harder on yourself by wearing extravagant clothing you don't want to get dirty or wet. Some clients choose costume like clothes they don't mind getting ruined for their shoots, which could work instead of fancier clothes if that is the look you're going for. Whatever you wear, you want to be ready to get down in the sand or the water to get some fun shots and have a great experience.

Tip 4: Embrace the rain (but avoid lightning)

Overcast days are actually really great for doing a photoshoot, but there is always the guessing game of whether it is going to rain or not (especially in Florida!). Embrace the rain! You're already next to the water and getting ocean spray, a little or a lot of rain could turn into some epic shots! A professional photographer will know the limits of her gear, so if she's still shooting keep on smiling.

Tip 5: Be adventurous

I feel like I put this tip in some form or another in all my posts, but I seriously think going to your session with an open mind and adventurous spirit is the best way to prepare. Your photographer will make sure your photos come out great, but it helps when the client is excited and open to new ideas and flexible when plans are interrupted, which is always a possibility when dealing with mother nature.

I love when clients choose to have their session at the beach and I'm grateful to be in South Florida where we have endless beaches to choose from! Reach out to Kindred Hues Photography today to schedule your next beach portrait session.

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