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My first styled shoot.

In October, I participated in a styled shoot for wedding photographers. I wasn't sure I wanted to participate in such a shoot since I don't advertise as a wedding photographer but I'm glad I did and I recommend the experience for photographers, experienced and less so. Here are a few reasons why.

bride and groom lift pose
This is a photo from the Styled Shoot, many more to come!
It is fun!

The styled shoot was an investment in myself and a chance to forget about photography as a business and have a little fun. Just like a passion project, I got the opportunity to pour myself into something that wasn't tied to pleasing a client or making a sale. In the end my favorite shots came from taking chances I may not normally get to take and collaborating with my fellow photogs.

It is challenging!

I was so nervous going in because I expected to be overrun by ambitious and wonderful photographers, which is exactly what happened but in a good way. My fellow photographers' poses and creativity challenged me to up my game, and I welcomed it with open arms.

It is always good to have content!

Even though I don't advertise as a wedding photographer, I do shoot small weddings and events so it is nice to have recent content showcasing my skills and style. That alone is worth the modest cost.

So if you are hesitant about pulling the trigger on investing in a styled shoot, this is your sign to give it a shot! Have fun, meet the challenges, and create more content to build your brand and showcase your style as a photographer.

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