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Tips for Taking Beautiful Headshots

As we get ready for the New Year, many people will be looking to change or update their image to ring in a new season in their life. One way people may consider updating their professional and personal profiles is by getting a professional headshot portrait.

What is a headshot and how does it differ from other portraits? Technically, a headshot should be an image featuring the subject from the top of the waist up or from the top of their shoulders up. While this is the traditional method of taking a headshot, your reason for wanting an updated profile may leave room for creative license.

Read the following tips to help prepare for taking a beautiful headshot!

Know Your Why

What is it that you want out of a new headshot image? Do you need to update your LinkedIn profile to search for a new job or opportunity? Has it been a couple of years since you last posted a new profile picture on social media and you need a refresh? Do your business or branding images truly reflect your personality and style? Knowing your reason why will help you and your photographer go in the right direction to capture great and purposeful headshots.

Plan Your outfit, makeup, and hair in advance

Truth is, taking headshots does not need a lot of time. Most of your time should go into planning for your outfit, hair and makeup. Determining your reason will help you put your best foot forward in your overall look. Take time to prepare, get your hair and your makeup professionally done because the focus will be on your face. Ask your photographer if they offer that as a service or local vendors they recommend. Consult with someone about your wardrobe, even if you think you just want to wear a suit. You never know how another opinion could transform the look of your headshot.

Practice Posing and Smiling

Your photographer will direct you, but take some time to think about how you want to smile and what you think are your best angles. It will feel less awkward if you've already done this when you get in front of the camera. Imagine what your hair and makeup will be, and go in front of a well lit mirror and practice. A slight tilt or change of direction can have a huge impact on your overall outcome.


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