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What is a Micro Wedding?

I got married in 2020 one month before the country shut down in response to impact of what was happening around the world. I got married in a small room in a local church with 11 people in attendance, including my husband and myself. When I got married, I didn't know that pandemic was going to shut the country down and change how life worked for years to come. I realize now that I technically had a micro wedding even though I had never heard the term at that point in my life.

Fast forward to 2022 and micro weddings are becoming a favorable option for those who are planning weddings. My husband and I planned to have a bigger celebration following our small ceremony in the coming months, but as 2020 went out and we dealt with the ever changing landscape of health advice, mask mandates, and travel restrictions we ended up cancelling our wedding plans all together. Many people ended up cancelling plans or making major adjustments as we all did our best to navigate the world before us.

So what exactly is a mirco wedding? There are many opinions, but basically it is a wedding event will less than 50 people in attendance. Micro weddings became more popular in 2020 and throughout 2021 because the less people in attendance, the less there is to coordinate as far as venues, travel, accommodations, and other aspects of wedding planning. They can also be quicker to put together and open up location options for weddings across the nation. I worked quite a few micro weddings in 2021 from traditional venue locations to intimate backyard affairs.

As for the photography, I think it is just as important to have a strong and confident photographer to capture your special day if you decide to have a micro wedding. Wedding photography takes experience and skills, and a mirco wedding is still quite an undertaking where you will want important memories captured. Hiring a wedding photographer for your micro wedding shouldn't be too different than if you were having a traditionally larger wedding, I definitely think it is important to make sure you have great communication with your photography team and have a clear understanding of their style as you decide who you want to capture your special day.

I think micro weddings are here to stay and I'm excited to see how creative people get as learn to grow and adapt in this every changing world while continuing to celebrate the moments worth sharing. If you are planning a micro wedding anywhere in South Florida and beyond, consider reaching out to me capture your special day!

I serve clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Port Saint Lucie, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and all of South Florida.

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