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What to wear to your first photoshoot.

I have worked with quiet a few clients this year in which their session with Kindred Hues Photography was their very first photoshoot. I felt honored to be trusted to capture special memories for these clients and inevitably I get asked the same question:

What should I wear to my photoshoot?

I decided to write about some common Do's and Don'ts by way of a What To Wear Style Guide to help anyone make the best decisions on how to style themselves and their families in preparation for any photoshoot.

Family Portrait on the beach
Classic Family Session in Hollywood Beach, Florida

What to Wear Style Guide

Don'ts: First we'll start with what not to do.

  • Dress everyone in identical clothing

  • Choose clothes that are overly dressy (unless that is the specific look you are going fo)

  • Choose clothes that are overly casual

  • Choose anything uncomfortable or that prevents free movement

  • Choose clothing with large logos or text (unless you are doing a branding session)

  • Choose bright white shirts

Additional Don't for families: choose 1 or 2 patterns throughout the clothing choices, but any more than that can clash and become distracting in your photos.

Do's: Now lets talk about what works.

  • Choose a color scheme and loosely fit all clothing into that scheme, mixing patterns and solids (just like the my clients pictured above)

  • LAYERS!!! Layers photograph VERY well

  • Err on the side of too much color

  • Accessorize. Remember belts, jewelry, hats, hair accessories, etc

  • Choose clothing you can sit on the ground in

  • Bring an extra outfit for children in case something gets dirty

The beauty of clothing choices is that there are so many options! However, that can also be overwhelming for some people who have a hard time making choices. When in doubt, always feel free to ask your photographer for what works best based on the theme of your session as well as the location. Every detail counts, so take the time to plan in advance and have fun with showcasing your personality and style. This guide is included for all my clients in preparation for their sessions and a good photographer should always be able to help you look your best.

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