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Why Its Important to Keep Your Headshot Up-to-Date

When was the last time you updated your headshot photo? If you have to think about it for longer than 10 seconds, its time to take a new one! It is very important to keep your headshot up to date. Why? Read more below!

Time Changes Your Look

Time inevitably will change how you look, and that is not necessarily a bad thing! As we age, we gain experience and may change certain things in our life including how we look and you always want to put your best foot forward when you are any kind of professional.

A Great Headshot is Your Calling Card

A great headshot photo is a snapshot of your presence and personality, so it is very important to keep it up to date. You should keep your "calling card" up to date with your new look so that when you finally meet your client face to face, they're not shocked or distracted by your new hair color or your new smile after your braces have been removed.

Professional Must Have

Just like a business card, a headshot photo is a must have for any professional whether you're a CEO or a teacher or a medical professional or a small business owner. It is a good practice to get accustomed to taking new professional headshot photos at least once a year. A great headshot photo gives a professional impression to prospective clients and connections in your network to help bring you one step closer to your next major business move.

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